WdKA: Campaign 2014 /2015

Together with Studio Spass, graphic design studio and allround cool guys, we created the 2014 / 2015 campaign for the Willem de Kooning Academy to inspire and attract new students. Based on the original 'Creating Pioneers' commercial, together we came up with a concept that played with 'the blank canvas'. A blank canvas can be a wonderful thing, because everything is possible and all options are open. But this is also what makes a blank canvas a challenge, because éverything is possible! This duality that the blank canvas holds is what inspired us to create a campaign around breaking through the canvas and starting to create. 


There was even a tram rolling trough the city with our work on it, pretty cool! 

WdKA Course Guide

Studio Spass designed a beautiful course guide for the WdKA, The cover was based on the first frame of the commercial. We helped out with the imagery in the booklet.

15 WAYS IN TO 2015

As a new years card we created a two week calendar for the last two holiday weeks of the year, aptly named 15 ways in to 2015. This of course was also a nice way to combine all 15 images in a neat way.