Vodafone | Work Less to Work Better

Vodafone wants companies to rethink what it means to run a business in 2017, because there's still a lot of dated believes when it comes to working. For instance the need to be at the office or focussing one the same tasks continuesly. Sometimes not working helps you to see things differently and gain your focused again.

With these two commercials I directed, Vodafone wants to show how a business can do things differently and what it means to be a 'ready business' meaning a business that gets work done, without necessarily being at work. 


Client: Vodafone
Agency: Achtung!
Concept: Jasper Janssen & Niklas Kristensen
Director: Wouter Keijzer
Production: Wefilm
Producers: Tom Raeymaekers & Anouk Knapen
Director of Photography: Daan Bukman
Art Director: Chavelli Martodihardjo
Edit: Nick Rozenberg