Tattooshop de Gipskamer

On a daily basis lots of children get broken arms & legs while playing and having fun. They go to hospital, the bone gets set and the arm gets plastered. Not that fun an experience. And that’s not even mentioning the children who are constantly in and out the hospital for more chronic inflictions.

We wanted to create a fun moment in the hospital. So together with the biggest and oldest Children's Hospital in the Netherland, the Sophia Children’s hospital and Edding markers, we created Tattoo shop ‘de Gipskamer’ (The Plaster Parlour) .

De Gipskamer was a pop-up tattoo shop in the hospital where children could get their plastered arm or leg marker-tattooed by real tattoo artists. The pop-up action was featured on all local and national news outlets, but more importantly gave a group of kids an amazing day!



Personal project with Sophia Kinderziekenhuis and Edding
Concept: Wouter Keijzer
Design: Trobbies
Producers: Nuray Kursun
Tattoo artist:
Hans Pasztjerik & Lizer van Hattem (Stay Classy)
Trobbies (Trobbies)
Joost Bakkes (Bakkes Tattoo)
Erik Duym (Bont&Blauw)

Thanks to everyone for making this a wonderful project!