When kids go to high school they’re expected to be able to cycle to school by themselves. A distance sometimes over 10 kilometers in the countryside, or through hectic city traffic.

But data shows that a lot of kids go out on to the road unprepared; kids so often get driven to school when they are smaller, that they have no idea how to handle complex traffic situations. To prepare them, Interpolis developed a new app, WegwijsVR, that helps kids practice these situations. And we created a film that made parents wonder how prepared their kids are. Because there will be a time that you'll have to let them go.



Client: Interpolis
Agency: Wefilm
Concept: Beer ten Kate & Wouter Keijzer
Creative Director: Wouter Keijzer & Martijn de Jong
Director: Zara Dwinger
Production: Wefilm
Producer: Anouk Knapen
Director of Photography: Douwe Hennink
Edit: Nick Rozenberg