ADCN: The Creative of the Future

The ADCN approached us to think of a concept to engage and inspire young talent to join the ADCN, an association for creativity in advertising and design in the Netherlands. 
Creatives nowadays aren’t as easily labeled as they used to be, you either were a copywriter or an art director, a graphic designer, a photographer etcetera. It was a simpler time. Today, a creative is all of these things combined and more, making a creative somewhat of a superhero. 

We thought it would be a fun idea to approach these creatives from a past perspective. How would we have imagined the creative of the future at the end of the 80s, the time most of the young creatives were born. Based on this idea, we created an epic action figure aptly named ‘The Creative of the Future’, an allround creative mastermind to solve problems of any kind. An action figure isn’t complete without it’s own Club, The ADCN, and of course it’s own classic kids commercial. Not forgetting the irony of creating the least innovative classic commercial for the most innovative generation. 

Miniature ADCN award a.k.a. the Lamp

Miniature ADCN award a.k.a. the Lamp



We really wanted to shoot everything as 80s' as possible, not just add the effects in post. So Hayo, the director of photography, got us an original 80s' Cooke zoom lens (courtesy of the amazing people at Camalot), the actual lens they used to shoot those classic commercial with. And with the great styling & art direction, the harsh lighting and a soft filter we got that authentic 80s look. The final touches came from 'de Grot', where Erik & Joppo gave it that genuine look by processing it through a VCR recorder.

Let's not forget the amazing soundtrack made by Henk Jelle & Ting (Any Colour) which finished of the look & feel of the commercial perfectly.  


Concept & Direction: Wouter Keijzer
Production: Part of Something
Co-production: An & Nas
Producers: Maria van den Berg & Nuray Kursun
Art Direction: Kevin Verbeek
DP: Hayo van Gemert
Action Figure painting: Thijs de Jong
Setstyling: Chavelli Martodihardjo
Gaffer: Otto ligt
Grading: Erik in de Grot
Sound Design & Music: Henk-Jelle de Groot & Ting Fung Cheung for Any Colour

Boy: Labud
Girl: Maria
VO: Lee Gordon
Creatives: Dinesh, Reinier & Rachna 

Special Thanks to:
Platform P
Mama van Wouter