Make it as Simple as ABC


One of the first things we learn as kids is the alphabet, our ABC. It’s the base for our reading, writing and learning. However, learning how to make things is another important skill to master. Creating things out of nothing triggers your creativity and you learn how to work together to solve problems. It builds self-esteem, we learn to fail, to try again, fail again, and again... You get the idea.

As learning starts with our ABC, we wanted to create ‘the ABC of Making’, giving kids a starting point to go and create stuff themselves, whether they engineer a space rocket, an amazing drawing robot or just something silly. Just go out and make stuff and have fun while doing it!

All the letter-projects in the film were developed together with kids from several schools across the Netherlands.

The film launched an online website, that challenges kids to start making things themselves, all letter-projects from the film included. and share their work with the hashtag #whatdoyoucreate?



Client: Platform Maker Education
Concept, Story and Direction: Wouter Keijzer
Production: Wefilm
Producers: Annemieke Boschma
Director of Photography: Hayo van Gemert
Art direction: Chavelli Martodihardjo
VFX: Nick Aberson

Special thanks to all the kids and teachers that helped making this project come to life!